MSU aspires to be the leading university of choice for specialized and professional education, providing holistic academic standards which are relevant to the needs of the industry and meeting global expectations whilst maintaining the highest ethical standards.

Available Courses

Foundation In Information Technology

Designed to meet the escalating demand for highly trained and skilled resources in the areas of Information Technology and Engineering. Students who wish to progress to Bachelor degree in Engineering will also be required to do Engineering Drawing. Subjects: Computer Programming, Networking, Multimedia, etc.

Foundation In Business

Designed in view of the increasing demand for professionals in Business Management and Accounting. Areas of specialisation that the students may choose at the Bachelor degree level at MSU include International Business, Accounting, Decision Science, Investment Management, Industrial Management and Hospitality Management. Subjects : Business Mathematics, Statistics, Business Management, Psychology (Marketing), Accounting, Economics, etc

Foundation (Science Biology/Health Science)

Suitable for students who wish to pursue their career in Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy. Alternatively, students may progress into Bachelor degree in Biomedical Science, Bioinformatics, Optometry, Food Service Technology, Medical Sciences, or Pharmacy at MSU. Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Health Science, Anatomy and Physiology, etc

Foundation In Law

Developed to meet the increasing needs for experts in the legal profession. Students who have completed this programme will be able to enroll in Law programmes at a higher level or pursue their Bachelor degree in Law and Commerce at MSU. Subjects: Sociology, Political Science, the Legal System, Law and Legal Methods, etc.

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