Established in 1999, British College of Applied Studies popularly known as BCAS CAMPUS has rapidly grown into one of the few leading vocational and tertiary training providers in Sri Lanka with comparatively a large number of students in the private sector higher education with strong UK collaboration. In Sri Lanka, BCAS CAMPUS has branches in two main cities in the Central and Eastern Provinces – Kandy, Batticaloa and a highly successful overseas campus in the State of Qatar. The institution

Available Courses

MSc in Strategic Management

The overarching aim of this course is to enable you to work strategically in IT management. To achieve this, the course will give you the ability to apply Strategic management practices and methodologies to a variety of situations and understands the limitations of such in the business activities of all types of organisation. You will develop strategic thinking of both short and long term goals for an organisation and be able to develop IT strategies to support their achievement. You will be abl

MSc in IT Management

Master of Business Administration

The MBA programme provides you with the opportunity to develop your knowledge of key business functions and their relationship with the wider strategic and international environment. You will also expand your knowledge and understanding of the current changes in the business environment through the study of leadership, organizational change and transformation, innovation and stakeholder management.

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