Metropolitan College

METROPOLITAN COLLEGE offers services to help all its students to continue higher studies abroad without any hassle. Over the past years, METROPOLITAN COLLEGE has developed solid relationships with several colleges, universities and other higher educational institutions in several countries. Students, while studying at METROPOLITAN COLLEGE are assured of continuous guidance to plan their academic path and to complete their studies by transferring to our partner institutions.

Available Courses

BSc. Degree (Hons) in Psychology

BSc. Degree (Hons) in Business Management

BSc. Degree (Hons) in Accounting

BSc. Degree (Hons) in International Business

BSc. Degree (Hons) in Marketing

BSc. Degree (Hons) in Tourism

BSc. Degree (Hons) in Political Science and Public Administration

BSc. Degree (Hons) in Banking and Finance

BSc. Degree (Hons) in International Relations

BA Degree (Hons) in English Language and Literature

International Higher Diploma in Psychology

nternational Higher Diploma in Creative Arts Education

International Higher Diploma in Alternative Health and Wellbeing

International Higher Diploma in International Relations

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