The Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT) was established in 1990 as the first private higher education institute that awards reputed British degrees in the field of Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Business. Over the course of two decades IIT has not only established itself as a pioneer in education but has also produced many successful entrepreneurs and engineers that have contributed to both local and international corporate and government entities. Up to date, IIT has pr

Available Courses

BEng(Hons) Software Engineering

The course provides a solid foundation in software engineering theory and practice to develop professional software systems. It provides career pathways in software engineering , web application programming, software designing / analysis or website designing / programming

BSc(Hons) Business Information Systems

This course develops your understanding of the business challenges of an enterprise, and your ability to conceive and manage solutions which are increasingly ICT- dependent. You will incorporate your skills in problem solving and information systems modeling with your knowledge of business processes and environments.

BSc(Hons) Computer Science

This degree will give you the right computing skills and knowledge to mold the future of businesses and organizations. This broadly based course covers the areas of computer science

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