ANC Education is an education conglomerate, specializing in providing the best of international undergraduate and postgraduate education through it’s partnerships with some of the leading universities world-wide. It is the only private university education provider in Sri Lanka to offer multiple options to it’s students. In doing so, it not only ensures that students pursue their academic and professional dreams but also learn to lead in their chosen fields!

Available Courses

BBA International Business

nternational Business degree focuses on the emerging global business environment. International courses include; trade, finance, law, marketing, business management, communication, culture, strategy and comparative economic systems. The degree develops knowledge and skills for those interested in becoming future leaders crossing borders. Increasing the complexity of businesses require individuals who can work in and for international organisations.

BBA Marketing

The Marketing Degree focuses on the various aspects of the marketing function, including business-to-consumers and business-to business, marketing management, marketing research and integrated marketing. Students develop a marketing plan as a capstone marketing project.

BBA Management

The bachelor’s degree in Management focuses on the broad functional disciplines of management and prepares graduates with a diverse background in general management and industry who have developed strong ethics and outcomes.

BBA Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship major focuses on business enterprise models and entrepreneurial bases. By combining a rigorous academic curriculum, leadership development, Experiential learning and relationships with industry leaders, graduates prepare to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. Northwood University was founded on the principle that America’s free enterprise system, together with an entrepreneurial spirit, can create a bigger pie for all to share

BBA Finance

The Finance major focuses on course work designed to place graduates in financial service industry careers. Specialty areas include securities, banking, insurance, credit, trusts, taxes and financial advising.

BBA Management Information Systems

BBA Management Information Systems (MIS) learn how businesses use information systems to improve operations. You will also learn how to manage various information systems so that the systems best serve the needs of particular industries. You will even study how information systems can improve the way a business is organized.

BBA Management Information Systems (Software Engineering)

Software Engineering track is for those who are ambition and wants to join the world of Computer Software Development considered by many as the most fundamental and in-demand of computing and IT industry. This program offers dual qualification for students, an American university degree along with a world recognized Microsoft Software track witch is considered as the gold standard by global giants in software industry.

BBA Hospitality Management

Hospitality and Tourism is the fastest growing industry in the world. By 2020, more than 303 million jobs are expected in the hospitality industry, representing 1 in every 11 jobs worldwide.

LLM – International Business and Commercial Law

This course is designed for those seeking to understand and work as legal experts in the international world of multinational corporations. The course covers laws on business structure, corporate process, taxation, intellectual property, dispute resolution and the legal aspects of international finance.

LLM International Studies in Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property especially at international level is a fast growing area of the law that requires highly qualified multilingual specialists who are able to deal with intellectual property rights across national borders. The new LL.M programme offers a specialised education which enables students to meet the requirements of a future career in international Intellectual Property Law. The programme covers copyright, trade mark and patent Law with its European and international aspects, includ

BBA Management (Final Year)

The bachelor’s degree in Management (Top-Up) focuses on the broad functional disciplines of management and prepares graduates with a diverse background in general management and industry that have developed strong ethics and outcomes.

BBA International Business (Final Year)

The International Business program is designed with the future global leaders in mind. Course units build the framework for analyzing and understanding the firm and the individual’s position in the international marketplace.

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